The Selling Game

Do you want to increase your revenue? At low cost? With maximum impact?

Our Coaching and Development Toolkit makes learning interactive and FUN! With 70 hours of ready made coaching all very cleverly designed into a board game. This game is designed and proven to specifically build and sustain performance and ultimately increase revenues through long term capabilities.

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Efficient Learning - eLearning for Sales and Service

Reduce training costs and maximise productivity with guided and assessed self-learning. Scalable, customisable, measurable and trackable, eLearning is an affordable and highly efficient solution.

A comprehensive set of 58+ bite-sized eLearning courses covering every competency of the Consultative Selling and Sales process. Each 20-40 minute course can be completely self-taught, at a suitable time with minimal disruption to work flow. Be efficient!

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Powerful reporting for training outcomes

Track your investment in people. OSCA (Online Sales Coaching Aid) can identify success, key performance indicators, usage of training tools, development requirements and capabilities. Using this tool will ensure consistency and transparency of learning and development across your sales & service force.

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OSCA nominated for Marketing and Assessment Tool at 2016 BESMA's!! Find out more!


Online Sales Coaching Aid (OSCA)

It's important to be able to monitor and measure the progress of both individual, team and leader. In doing so you optimise your investment in training and build on newly learned skills... but where to start – here are a few questions you should be asking yourself:

  1. How do I capture coaching outcomes and development for individuals?

  2. Can I ensure my sales teams are being coached and developed by their manager?

  3. How do I measure consistency in training across my sales teams and management?

  4. Why is it so important to capture coaching outcomes?

  5. What are the consequences of not capturing and monitoring team development?

Sales Activator provide a simple Online Sales Coaching Aid (OSCA) which is used at regular intervals, typically by the Sales Leader, to identify the current capability and development requirements of an individual at any given time.

What is OSCA?

OSCA is a new and exciting Online Sales Coaching Aid. OSCA digitally captures the outcomes of coaching and development into powerful reports and benchmarks, building an insightful and consistent coaching framework for both individuals and management.

Why do I need OSCA?

Track your investment in people. OSCA can identify success, key performance indicators, usage of training tools, development requirements and capabilities. In recognising these key areas of development Management can ensure consistency and transparency of learning and development across their sales teams and managers.

What are OSCA's benefits?

  • OSCA provides reports and benchmarking information for use within appraisal meetings, providing evidence for competency development

  • OSCA identifies training requirements clearly and objectively to enable continual, effective team and individual development

  • OSCA builds increased commitment to investment in training as management can see the correlation with results and retention

  • OSCA encourages even more responsibility for their individual/team development and progress.

  • OSCA optimises training resources to ensure a sustained focus on implementation and team development

What training tools does OSCA monitor & how?

Any training programme or tools can be aligned with OSCA, and in doing so will enhance the impact of their training and ensure an ongoing commitment to training. At the Sales Activator, we have fed our coaching sessions from our Coaching Toolkit into the system, then as OSCA reports it also provides the right coaching exercises for managers or individuals to immediately benefit. It's fast and very effective!

Because OSCA is accessed via a bespoke website tailored to your company, there is very little requirement in terms of running requirements and specification.

How does it work?

  • The Sales Leader/coach completes a questionnaire while observing their coachee in live meetings/calls.

  • Each question completed on the questionnaire links to one or a number of coaching sessions contained in the coaching toolkit.

  • The observations captured by the manager are then turned into visual reports, which the manager can use to feedback on current performance to each of their team (or the team as a whole).

  • OSCA identifies which areas of the training / toolkit managers need to focus on to develop their team. This further enhances the impact of the toolkit and ensures its regular usage.

Tangible Outputs

Sustainable growth and change as the team takes ownership for its own inputs and outputs in terms of personal growth, development and revenues.

A real side effect is greater commitment by the Sales Leaders to their teams’ ongoing coaching and development, real team building, working together in a common goal, learning and developing as a team from within the team.