Microlearning is when lessons are condensed into easily-absorbed bite-sized chunks, which feeds digestible information to learners through short courses or a series of lessons that are targeted on just one learning objective rather than traditional learning.

There are many significant benefits of micro-learning and form an important part of our methodology here at Sales Activator. One of the many benefits is that microlearning supports learners accessing information when they need it most, and because micro learning is compact, learners are more likely to invest the time needed to use them in an on-the-job context.

Our microlearning is structured around a range of 10-12 minute micro learning courses and topics, with a huge demand on this area we are continuing to evolve further programmes in these bite-sized formats.

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Key advantages to investing in microlearning:

  • Better value and lower cost than traditional training
  • Easy to upskill numerous staff with small chunks of learning you can expand to your whole sales team, and can be accessed globally – anytime, anyplace.
  • Peer learning – one of the great benefits is utilising the knowledge and skills of peers and colleagues as well as clients to unlock further aptitudes
  • Learning at pace – learners can learn at their own pace when given a microlesson that they can complete in their own time
  • More effective – the combination of interactive learning and bite-size modules means that learning outcomes are improved significantly
  • It’s fun – we add the interactive and fun element through our gamification and structures offering a competitive and [positive environment to learning
  • Customisation – for clients that are looking for a structured and tailored learning program, we can create a virtual bespoke solution

A whopping 94% of L&D professionals said that they prefer microlearning to traditional time-consuming eLearning courses because their learners prefer it (Boyette).

We have a bundle of 8 essential sales micro learning modules:

  • Building product value
  • Needs driven approach
  • Power of listening
  • Trial close
  • Types of objections
  • Know your questions
  • Behavioural styles
  • Building rapport

Another important feature of microlearning is that it is closely related to practice. Actually, learners should be able to apply the information right after studying. In fact, their need to put it into action was the reason they started the course.

Building product value

To get your customer to the point of negotiation, you need to demonstrate exactly how much your product is worth. Here’s how to make anyone feel like they’ll be worse off without whatever it is you’re selling.

A needs driven approach

What’s in it for me? The secret to sales success is getting your customer to see how your product or service meets their needs exactly. Here’s how to do that.

Power of listening

Most people don’t truly listen. They wait for their chance to speak. To take your sales skills to the next level, you need to harness the power of active listening. Here’s how to do that.

Trial closing

Always be closing? Nah. These days, to make a sale, it’s all about trial closing. Here’s how to use this technique to check your customer’s temperature and adjust your pitch to suit.

Handling objections

“We’re tied into a contract.” “It’s too expensive.” “I’m not interested.” Sound familiar? Here’s how to handle any customer objection that’s thrown at you, and make that sale every time.