Activate Universal

Whether you want to observe skills and processes being applied or evidence knowledge and behaviours, this mobile enabled app will capture real-time data which can be aggregated and viewed via the Activate Universal Portal.

With over 30 years of experience in the world of assessment our core expertise is in Sales, Service, and Leadership sectors, however the technology has been built to digitalise any form of competency-based assessment or capability framework.

activate universal app

Example Overview of Skills Observed vs Industry Average by Competency


Within the Sales, Service, and Leadership sectors we provide a simple online coaching aid which is used to identify the capability and development requirements of an individual at any given time. In short, the app digitally captures inputs and reports on outcomes. Combine this with the ‘how’ and ‘what’ to coach will dramatically improve performance related conversations and will pin point future development needs.

  • Provides reports and bench marking information to drive performance related decisions or conversations
  • Identifies training requirements clearly and precisely to provide effective team and individual development plans
  • Builds confidence in investments that are related to people or processes
  • Encourages ownership for individual/team development
  • Optimises training resources, sustains learning and measures ROI

Why do I need Activate Universal?

Understand where to invest or track your investment in people, places and things. Activate Universal can identify; success, key performance indicators, adoption of learning, development requirements, and capabilities.  In recognising these key areas businesses can ensure consistency and transparency of learning and development across their entire business.

Example chart – Competency achieved vs Team Average for Qtr

Example Reporting – view linear real-time
progress of all individuals by status

conpetency chart