The Selling Game

Do you want to increase your revenue? At low cost? With maximum impact?

Our Coaching and Development Toolkit makes learning interactive and FUN! With 70 hours of ready made coaching all very cleverly designed into a board game. This game is designed and proven to specifically build and sustain performance and ultimately increase revenues through long term capabilities.

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Efficient Learning - eLearning for Sales and Service

Reduce training costs and maximise productivity with guided and assessed self-learning. Scalable, customisable, measurable and trackable, eLearning is an affordable and highly efficient solution.

A comprehensive set of 58+ bite-sized eLearning courses covering every competency of the Consultative Selling and Sales process. Each 20-40 minute course can be completely self-taught, at a suitable time with minimal disruption to work flow. Be efficient!

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Powerful reporting for training outcomes

Track your investment in people. OSCA (Online Sales Coaching Aid) can identify success, key performance indicators, usage of training tools, development requirements and capabilities. Using this tool will ensure consistency and transparency of learning and development across your sales & service force.

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Sales Leadership Programme

Sales Activator helps companies to elevate their sales & performance, guaranteeing a minimum of 15% increase in revenues. 

This Sales Leadership Programme teaches Leaders in Sales, Service and Management, how to embed the Sales Activator solution into their business to achieve success. It is a highly impactful programme that includes training services and innovative development tools, designed and proven to specifically build and sustain performance and ultimately increase revenues.


What are the benefits of the Programme?

The key benefit is great results, a 15% rise in revenue is guaranteed, but there are many more significant factors that contribute:

Leaders are quickly and easily empowered with the right tools and mindset to lead their teams. With over 70 hours of training at their fingertips, they have readily available training plans to act with immediate effect to individual and team needs.

We solve the problem of underachieving sales and service teams, by using our expertise and the right tools, we uncover and fix issues within the business to increase and drive performance and ultimately revenues. 

Increased knowledge is created through bite-sized learning, increasing the ability to input knowledge quickly, the Sales Activator encourages immediate action, but also embeds learning through knowledge layering for longterm effect.

Individuals get hooked on self development as they experience the benefits of learning and feel the pride in their guaranteed success.



What does the Programme include?

2 training days. Day 1 is for initiation and implementation of Sales Activator, followed 5 weeks later with Day 2 for further implementation, questions and problem solving.

Training Toolkit is a unique gamification platform with 62 (70 hours) of developmental coaching sessions designed into 2 highly participative board games.

Expert coaching from our team of highly qualified experts in coaching and development with field experience.

Consultancy service will continue throughout and beyond the 5 week training period.

Research report worth £35.00. Grounded in research the Sales Activator theories and content are centralised to the real issues faced in sales.



Who is this Programme for?

Leaders in Sales, Service and Management, particularly SME's who wish to implement an established training platform which will make a big impact with guaranteed ROI. (We advise larger corporations consider an in-house programme for maximum reach across management level, please get in touch for more details.)

Underachieving sales and service teams instantly benefit as the programme will uncover and fix issues within the business to increase and drive performance and ultimately revenues quickly.

Various problems within business are regularly encountered and can be overcome with this programme, such as lack of essential skills, demotivated work force, poorly defined sales strategy, minimal process, limited coaching and support, badly performing teams, limited beliefs, lack of time for coaching and development. In each and every case, Sales Activator ensures a solution is embedded and sustained for your teams and your businesses success.



KM Group Sales Leadership Programme

How do I book?

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If you would like to talk this through, please call us on +44 (0) 844 247 7789 as we would love to hear about your business and it's needs. Alternatively you can email us at or use the enquire button above.



Why Sales Activator?

Our ethos results speak louder than words, rings true in everything we do. We strive for success and stand by our clients, sharing in the hard work until it pays off. Here are a few testimonials from our clients




“This is the most exciting product the sales industry has seen in decades” The Institute of Sales and Management

“Any organisation serious about creating dramatic, sustainable increases in sales performance owes it to itself to explore the potential of this incredible training tool.” Dermot Cahill, Director, Strategic Alliances Nightingale Conant

“We have achieved so much more than I ever expected from this programme” Geoff Newman, Managing Director, Recruitment Genius

“The Sales Activator Programme has changed the way we coach our staff for the better. The game and the coaching cards have given us a new perspective and we are already seeing results.” AXA SunLife

“I am pleased to recognise Sales Activator as a compliant training technology to the universal sales framework and standards defined by UPSA. Sales Activator is cutting-edge and will stimulate the next revolution in sales coaching, training, and reinforcement. Sales Activator reinforces an individuals own strengths and allow them to customise their own approach, while learning from their management, peers, and others. This is a much needed remedy to the challenges faced by today’s top-notch sales professional.” Brian W. Lambert, CRSP, Founder & President United Professional Sales Association (UPSA)

“What an amazing Programme and fun too! It has already helped our sales team tremendously; we’ve seen dramatic improvements in our close rates” Vic Conant, President, Nightingale Conant 



Thank you for taking the time to look at the Sales Leadership Programme, we hope to speak to you very soon.