The Selling Game

Do you want to increase your revenue? At low cost? With maximum impact?

Our Coaching and Development Toolkit makes learning interactive and FUN! With 70 hours of ready made coaching all very cleverly designed into a board game. This game is designed and proven to specifically build and sustain performance and ultimately increase revenues through long term capabilities.

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Efficient Learning - eLearning for Sales and Service

Reduce training costs and maximise productivity with guided and assessed self-learning. Scalable, customisable, measurable and trackable, eLearning is an affordable and highly efficient solution.

A comprehensive set of 58+ bite-sized eLearning courses covering every competency of the Consultative Selling and Sales process. Each 20-40 minute course can be completely self-taught, at a suitable time with minimal disruption to work flow. Be efficient!

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Powerful reporting for training outcomes

Track your investment in people. OSCA (Online Sales Coaching Aid) can identify success, key performance indicators, usage of training tools, development requirements and capabilities. Using this tool will ensure consistency and transparency of learning and development across your sales & service force.

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Enrich your team with up-skilled Account Managers who are highly motivated to optimise client relationships and are expert in identifying new sales opportunities. Establish a holistic attitude towards coaching, where individuals collaborate to share and embed best practice.

  • Customise your content so that it is aimed specifically at Account Managers
  • Pre-load coaching cards to focus on core areas of account management, such as relationship building and identifying sales opportunities
  • Collaborate with the wider sales team, wherever members are based, using Virtual Classroom Training (VCT)
  • Use 1-to-1 coaching sessions to address individual development needs
  • Access independent coaching activities, which can be carried out remotely and in bite-sized chunks
  • Measure progress by tracking performance and results using OSCA