Executing Leadership in a Customer-Driven Era

Sales Activator Modern Sales Leadership solutions

  • Whether it is the foundation skills or those of an elite sales professional it is essential that Sales Leaders are able to navigate and support your teams in today’s modern sales landscape. It is not enough to rely on the traditional sales management approach to lead a team in today’s reality. Sales Leaders need to turn up their emotional dials, recognise the sales landscape has changed and create an inclusive leadership approach that develops and sustains a high performing sales culture.
Measurement & Assessment

& Assessment

  • Assess your sales teams ability to execute skills, knowledge and capability to engage with buyers.
  • Develop, track and progress with Activate.
  • High performance team coaching to build and drive teams who are highly specialised and customer centric.
Create High Performance Teams

Create High
Performance Teams

  • Cultivating a strong professional presence, both virtual and in person, is now critical. ability to recognise and flex different styles in the team for improved communication.
  • Build collaboration and empathy skills.
  • Using the latest Applied Neuroscience to be more successful in managing self and others to increase well being and performance.
  • Flexible and Diagnostic Leadership that Creates Rapid results.
professional presence

Professional Presence
& Adaptability

  • Build your personal brand. How do you show up? Are you instantly seen as credible & authentic
  • Mental resilience, self management and discipline. How to reduce stress and increase personal power.
  • Take personal and team accountability to drive outcome
  • Setting the scene for a creative and innovative workforce.