Executing a Highly Specialised Sales Function

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  • Your business is dead if your sales people can’t get a ‘seat at the table’. Opening is the new closing.
  • When they do finally get a ‘seat at the table’, they will get one chance to make the right impression.
  • Converting valuable online conversions into offline conversions is now critical to sales performance.
buyer behaviour


  • Todays buyers begin their buying journey online
  • Cultivating a strong online presence is now critical
  • Engage buyers in a way that they will appreciate – by ‘courting’ them
  • Attract buyers, don’t chase them

Buyer Alignment & Engagement

  • How do you understand and align with your buyer?
  • How do you manage buyer expectations?
  • What’s your opening narrative?
  • Where are you sourcing your insights and how are you leading your conversations with them?
  • Is your sales playbook current?
professional presence


  • How do you show up? Can you create a great first impression with your buyer?
  • Are you instantly seen as credible & trustworthy?
  • Can you open with a narrative that you can then carry forward?
  • Can you hold strategic, board level conversations?
  • You must demonstrate to your buyers that you are a resource that can help them!