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Beliefs of Excellence

Belief directly affects the outcome!

Duration: 30 minutes
ISMM Level: 3
Level: Beginner, intermediate and experienced Sales and Service personnel

Course Objectives:
  • Understand how our beliefs shape our behaviour, impact our performance and the results we achieve
  • Recognise the ‘beliefs of excellence’ in driving outstanding salespeople
  • Understand how limiting beliefs are a barrier to success
  • Know and understand the 5 components of beliefs and how they will affect you

Expected Behaviours:
  • Behave in calm confident manner
  • Increase and remain motivated and positive
  • Learn to respect other people view points
  • Ability to be a flexible salesperson
  • Effectively continue to build trust and relationships with customer's
  • Accept responsibility for result achieved
  • Increased productivity

Our beliefs influence and shape our behaviour and consequently impact on our performance and results we achieve. Research has shown that outstanding Salespeople share a number of very similar beliefs - this course guides you through these beliefs and the techniques to become a calm, confident flexible salesperson.

Cost: £30.00 + VAT
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