Why Sales Activator eLearning?

Our eLearning provides learners with the independence and flexibility to balance best practice learning with their daily workflow. Individuals train at their own pace, at a time and location that compliments their daily work activities.

We have a comprehensive suite of 58+ eLearning courses lasting 20-40 minutes in a bite size, content rich format, covering every competency of the Consultative Selling and the Consultative Sales process, all courses are accredited by the ISM.

Our eLearning is tracked, measured and monitored through the tests that follow each course, highlighting how much knowledge is retained, where new skills are learned and where further tuition is required.

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The benefits of

Sales Activator eLearning

  • Learners can move at their own pace, rather than the pace of a group, which means more focused attention and a better retention of learning.
  • Re-winding and repeating content can clarify anything not immediately understood, which also helps to combat the Forgetting Curve.
  • Layer understanding and reinforce new skills.
  • Optimise your training time.
  • You can relax as eLearning reduces training costs and reduces loss of productivity.
  • Fully customisable courses allow you to amend and tailor with language or examples relevant to a particular market.