No more repeat investments in those expensive sales training courses that never seem to get lasting results. For the cost of a day rate, the Sales Activator Toolkit™ lets your team literally own their development. Packed with more than 70 hours of proven best-practice techniques, this game-based learning platform is guaranteed to give Sales Managers and business owners a fun, engaging way to boost their team’s skills throughout the sales process – and get lasting results.


Explore the toolkit

The whole
sales process

in 2 fun, easy-to-use
learning platforms

The Sales Activator Toolkit™ contains two game-based learning platforms that together make up the entire consultative sales process. The first covers best-practice sales skills, while the second focuses on sales process and account management. In addition to the learning platforms, the Toolkit contains over 70 hours of easy to use, bite-sized coaching material that you can pick up and use in multiple formats as often as necessary – without spending another penny.


The Selling Game™


Sharpen your skills

  • Are you maximising your chances of getting the best possible outcome from sales activities?
  • How do you rebound after a series of rejections?
  • What’s the correct response to a customer who objects to your prices?

The Selling Game™ is focused on how you engage with the customer, whether on the phone or in face-to-face meetings. All the stages of the sales process are covered in 42 detailed Coaching Cards and divided into 6 simple steps: preparation, relationship building, understanding requirements, fulfilling requirements, handling objections and closing.


The Trynamic Game™


Become an
Expert account manager

  • How do you create your value proposition?
  • Are you selling to the right customers?
  • How do you manage your pipeline?

The Trynamic Game™ deals with the sales process from a pipeline and a lead perspective. It covers the whole funnel, starting with developing leads and continuing all the way to maintaining great customer relationships.

Coaching cards


Train with confidence

The core of the Toolkit is a complete set of 62 easy to use, bite-sized Coaching Cards, steeped in research and covering every aspect of consultative selling. Designed so that managers or the learners themselves can lead training sessions effortlessly, the Coaching Cards contain all the insight you need, standardised according to global best practice – so you know your team is learning the right techniques in the right way.

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