The Selling Game

Do you want to increase your revenue? At low cost? With maximum impact?

Our Coaching and Development Toolkit makes learning interactive and FUN! With 70 hours of ready made coaching all very cleverly designed into a board game. This game is designed and proven to specifically build and sustain performance and ultimately increase revenues through long term capabilities.

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Efficient Learning - eLearning for Sales and Service

Reduce training costs and maximise productivity with guided and assessed self-learning. Scalable, customisable, measurable and trackable, eLearning is an affordable and highly efficient solution.

A comprehensive set of 58+ bite-sized eLearning courses covering every competency of the Consultative Selling and Sales process. Each 20-40 minute course can be completely self-taught, at a suitable time with minimal disruption to work flow. Be efficient!

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Powerful reporting for training outcomes

Track your investment in people. OSCA (Online Sales Coaching Aid) can identify success, key performance indicators, usage of training tools, development requirements and capabilities. Using this tool will ensure consistency and transparency of learning and development across your sales & service force.

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"I wanted to thank you for introducing The Sales Activator® to Builder's 1st Choice. As a Director of Training & Development, I have worked with many different training programs. With over 20 years of management, and training experience, I have never seen anything like this before. The buy-in from our entire organization has been tremendous. Whenever we utilize The Sales Activator®, my email box gets inundated with the most amazing feedback. The sales teams are now calling each other.

Although we have only owned The Sales Activator® since March, we believe that it has paid for itself. We have been reshaping our training department and this sales simulator has been the starting point in making our new program fun! The Sales Activator® has also blended in nicely with the other programs that we have implemented."

Nick Savastano MBA
Development Manager
Zurich Life

"Having spent years supporting the learning and development community we have seen lots of innovations in the corporate training world. The Sales Activator® is a unique and powerful way of educating your sales team. It really helps solve the challenge sales managers often face struggling to coach their team on improving sales results. Having seen the learning mechanics being used in team meetings they create fun and effective learning and focus the group on improving their results."

Richard Bednall
Director, Honey PLC.

"What makes or breaks the success for sales training is the ongoing reinforcement by sales management. When you hire a sales trainer, they introduce concepts and best practices, but for the training to really stick, weekly reinforcement must happen! Historically the challenge for sales management is they had no tools for reinforcement so they were forced to keep me on board for extended periods of time. When sales management use The Sales Activator®, they provide the perfect reinforcement. You only use me to fi ll in the gaps when necessary. That means more sales in shorter time!"

Andy Miller
International Sales Trainer

"As an organisation that specialises in the protection and maximisation of intellectual property rights we see thousands of ideas. The Sales Activator® is outstanding for so many reasons. Firstly, it's content rich with the 70 hours of fl exible learning tutorials, secondly it's positioning for team leaders improves their skills at developing their sales teams on a continual basis and thirdly the total approach has been proven to increase sales results. This product is an absolute must for any organisation seeking to increase their sales productivity."

Nathan Sage
Nathan Sage
St John's Intellectual Asset Management

"The Sales Activator® is a highly effective way to maintain high selling standards in our company and it's absolutely perfect for new sales managers who lack experience in leadership. I love the fact that the interactivity involved teaches my people to fi nd the answers to important questions within themselves. I highly recommend it to any company with a salesforce!"

Ray Byrne
AC&T Pty Ltd

"The Sales Activator® is a great dynamic. Everyone is enthusiastic about the process and I will be excited to see their improvement develop over time. Very comprehensive, universally applicable and interactive. Great product."

Peter M. Adler
President, Today's Mortgage

"What an amazing product and fun too! It has already helped our sales team tremendously and we've seen dramatic improvements in our close rates"

Vic Conant
President, Nightingale Conant